e-mail: youenn.travert(at)


I’m a French scientist with both a biology engineering and an academic neuroscience background. I’m particularly interested in animal behaviours and the neurobiological processes that drive them. Apart from science I strongly involve myself in a kayaking club where I’m a monitor


  • Agroparistech engineering school (life, food and environmental sciences)
  • Sorbonne Université M2 in neuroscience


  • Technician (3 months), ICM, Paris, neurosciences
  • Internship (1 year), ICM, Paris, engineering and neurosciences
  • Internship (4 months), the Florey Institute, Melbourne, neurosciences
  • Internship (3 months), INRAE, Paris, biochemistry
  • Internship (3 months), INRAE, Paris, ethology


  • Kayaking and cooking