PHD Student

e-mail: sami.beaumont(at)


I am a psychiatry resident and PhD student after a MA in cognitive sciences. My project
is about the computational modelling of learning and meta-learning under uncertainty..

I am a PhD Student, co-supervised by Philippe Domenech (ICM) and Mehdi Khamassi (ISIR). My project aims at understanding behavioral adaptation mechanisms in uncertain and volatile environments. Specifically, we investigate the interplay between episodic control and change point detection on the one hand, and meta-learning on the other hand. I mostly work with Bayesian and reinforcement learning models, and behavioral tasks in healthy
subjects. Though my project doesn’t involve psychiatric patients, I’m also interested in the theoretical reach of computational modelling to psychiatry.
My other interests include philosophy (of mind, of action, but also epistemology and philosophy of medicine), music and Scotch whisky.