Marine Euvrad

PhD student (4th year)

e-mail: marine.euvrard (at)

Thesis subject : Neuronal basis of adpaptive behaviours

Thesis supervisor : Eric BURGUIERE

My thesis work aims at understanding how animals adapt to brutal changes in their environment. Three main questions are at stake:

  • What are the visible behavioural modifications following a brutal change in the environment?
  • What are the cognitive models that may explain these behavioural observations?
  • What are the neuronal substrates involved?

Thanks to fully automatized behavioural operant chambers that I have designed, I have been able to implement a new behvioural task with mice and collect thousands of data along weeks of continuous experiments (24/24, 7/7). The use of astute analysis, with and without models, as well as the implementation of pharmacological neuromodulation currently allow me to answer the previous questions.