Lindsay Rondot

PhD student

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I’m a 4th year PhD student (defending dec. 2020) working on the regulation of simple decision process across different pathologies (Obsessive-compulsive Disorder and Parkinson’s Disease). I graduated with honors at the university of Dundee in Psychology and have studied decision-making through cognitive neuroscience since then, in Université de Montpellier, University College London, Ecole Normal Supérieure and in Sorbonne Université. I have always been interested in the neural mechanisms of choices and particularly why some people will make decisions that might be deleterious for them.

I like to use and learn about methods to quantify information processing through the brain. During my PhD, I have developed a MEG-LFP simultaneous recording set-up, realized intracranial recording of severally ill patients and participated in the management of multicentric research. I have organized scientific (international and local) and social events to help young researchers integrate the scientific community, develop their communication skills and network. I am very eager to continue research on mechanisms of choices while being a part of the scientific community. I support Open Science methods, believe in collaborative research, in supporting young students and researchers to improve their working habits to prevent distress and in adapting our research methods and communication skills to face world issues such as climate change. I believe that science should be accessible for all and that people who are discriminated or unfavored in getting access to internships, jobs or responsibility in science should benefit from support.


Personally, I like hearing about and inventing stories (audiobooks, theatre, poems, music). As such I have co-founded LuScid (a platform for scientific and narrator to exchange with the goal to develop science fiction stories: I love living and hearing about any kind of adventures (discovering new cultures, cities and way of living). Although, I really love social gatherings I am not a city person and prefer outdoors activities and sports.